Katakolon Express start new line to Kourouta Beach next month from Katakolon Port
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From Katakolon, Olympia is only 25 miles away. An visitor may use the new modern train that is clean and air-conditioned. The journey from Katakolo to Olympia lasts for approximately 45 minutes and the round trip ticket price is only 10.

This 13 km branch line, originally operated by the Pyrgos - Katakolon Railway, opened in 1883 to link Pyrgos with the port of Katakolon. This line had its own terminal in Pyrgos. Later, in 1951, this railway was taken over by SPAP (Piraeus, Athens and Peloponnese Railways) and trains were diverted into the SPAP station. The line was modernized in 2007 and is used for a limited passenger service.

The ancient Olympia sites are a walking distance from the train station. However, if you are elderly or disabled, you can take a taxi. There are three trains plying this route, each leaving the station approximately 2 hours apart.

The train station is at the end of the shopping parade in Katakolon, approximately 200 yards from the port gates. If your ship has moored at the longest pier, 15 minutes probably allows sufficient time to walk to and from the station.
it is very easy to get the train to olympia for just a few euros, the train is about a 5 minute walk away from where the ship docks and the first one is about 8.30 in the morning, we spent the morning in olympia and then had coffee in a lovely little cafe just outside olympia, catching about the 1.30 train back. the small beach near the ship is ok for a quick swim.
We got the 8:36 train from Katakolon to Olympia. Runs take about 30-40 minutes I think. We walked to the site and bypassed the museum. We had plenty of time to leisurely tour the area and be back in time to catch the train. Many people also went to the museum and they too made it back for the noon train. Olympia is a small town with the usual tourist shops so really not much else to see unless you want to shop or eat. Both trains we took were on time. The Katakalon train station is a 10 minute or less walk from the port. Easy to find.
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Katakolon Train timetable

PLEASE NOTE: due to the current economic crisis affecting Greece the Greek Train Organisation (OSE) have decided to cut back on almost all routes .

The only train line still operating from Katakolon Port is the line 1382 at 09:00

The Train is back

Latest update 15/07/2011
The regular itineraries for the route Katakolon - Pyrgos - Olympia are as follows:

Pyrgos - Olympia:             06:45
Olympia - Katakolon:         07:20
Katakolon - Olympia:         09:00
Olympia - Pyrgos:             09:57
Pyrgos - Olympia:             12:35
Olympia - Pyrgos:             13:08

Throughout the year and depending on traffic, TRAINOSE schedules additional services.

For more information, passengers can contact the Station of Pyrgos at 26210 22224 or at 14511 (from Greece only), which operates on a 24-hour basis.
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