Kaifas Lake

Kaiafas Lake and beach are situated approximately 40 km away from Katakolon. The area of Kaiafas hosts the most beautiful natural surroundings. A magnificent and unique ecosystem including the spas, the lake, the pine forest of Strofylia, the historic mountain of Lapitha and 4 km of golden sandy beach. The Kaiafa spas have been popular since antiquity. According to the legend, the area of Zacharo was the Olympian gods’ resort.

The name Kaiafas is said to derive from the homonymous priest of Judea who convicted Jesus Christ. As he was sailing to Rome, his ship encountered a storm and ran aground. The priest went to bath in the hot water spring, however, the curse he carried for his role in Christ’s suffering made the waters stink from the odor of his soul.

The eastern shore of the lake is formed by the cliffs of mount Lapitha which rise vertically over the lake waters. The cliffs have got two caves known since antiquity as the caves of the Anigrid Nymphs and Geranio Andro, This is the spot where the springs emerge from the mountain. The cave of the Anigrid Nymphs is 200 m long and the water gushes out in some cases hot, in others cool. The waters mix and form a natural spa.

The water is considered miraculous as it helps cure several disorders. The spring of Geranio is situated nearby. The waters of this spring are potable and not used for baths; they are especially helpful for those suffering from kidney and liver disorders. The lake of Kaiafas was formed after extensive earthquakes in the 6th century AD. The lake covers about 400 acres. It is 3km long, 500-600 m wide and it is more than 2m deep. It is the home of many species, fish, eels, snakes, turtles, and many kinds of migratory birds in winter.

The islet of Saint Catherine is in the middle, named after the homonymous church which is situated there. This beautiful synthesis also includes the forest of Strofylia which is between the lake and the sea. The lake hosts water sports like kayak races, regattas, etc without affecting/ harming the ecosystem.