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The lighthouse of Katakolon
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The lighthouse of Katakolon was built in 1865 and is dominating the southwest part of the entrance of Katakolon port.

The lighthouse, the Faros of Katakolo as you will find it in Greek, is 9m tall and its focal height is 45m, while its scope reaches 18 to 19 nautical miles. It consists of 4 rooms, used by the lighthouse guards as bedrooms, and the tower where you can see the mechanism of the lighthouse.

At the top of the tower there is a room with the mirror of the mechanism of the lighthouse. There is also a second building separate from the first where there is a kitchen.

The mirror of the lighthouse of Katakolon is considered of small scope, belonging to the first category of sizes. The mechanism and its function resemble to the ones of a pendulum: it consists of two boxes, one filled with oil and another with water. The oil was enriched with air to light the bulb that was guiding the ships. The mirror was rotating, providing 4 flashes within 16 seconds.

The lighthouse of Katakolon is considered a historical monument of the area, following a recent decision by the Ministry of Culture, therefore no interventions can be made to the main building and the surrounding areas of the lighthouse.

The historical Faros (lighthouse) of Katakolon will continue to accompany the sailors to their trip, but also to welcome the visitors of Katakolon port.