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Ancient Olympia
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Visit Ancient Olympia from Katakolon

Katakolon Port serves as the main sea-gate to Olympia, one of the most important sites in Greece. With all the pine and olive groves, the imposing remains of the temples and the stunning stadium of the Games, Ancient Olympia stands as one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Ancient Olympia and Olympic Games

Known as the birth place of the Olympic Games, Olympia hosts and receives thousands of tourists every year; tourists eager to see the actual spot where the most important games where born and held.

And still today every four years, Olympia becomes the epicenter of attention, when the Greek priestesses invoke God Apollo to send his divine light to the world the Flame of the Olympics.

It was at the confluence of two rivers Cladeus and Alpheus, at the foot of the wooded slopes of Mount Cronion that there rose in ancient times the famous village of Olympia. And it was in this little plain, around the holy sanctuary of Zeus, that the most famous games of ancient Greece took place inspiring awe to the mankind.

Modern Olympia

The village of modern Olympia is bizarrely known as Ancient Olympia, and is a straggling village bisected by a main road featuring an assortment of tourist shops, cafes and restaurants.

Some visitors arrive here by tour buses, although the nearby port of Katakolon offers an excellent alternative to those who want to combine sightseeing with an enjoyable cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

For those who wish to stay and explore the lovely region of ancient Olympia (Elis), the town of Olympia features a large number of accommodation options and is a perfect place to be, if you wish to avoid the urban character of the capital city Pyrgos, while enjoying a stunning landscape and enjoyable walks by the ancient site.