Katakolon Beaches

About the beaches near Katakolon Port

Beaches at Katakolon start from the end of the town and stretch in one continuous arc around the huge Kyparissian Gulf for at least 30 kilometers. Some of the beaches are just a walking distance from the port while others are as far as 40 kilometers away from the port. The beaches have couple of decent fish tavernas and beach bars, and the waters are warm and shallow thus making them ideal for small kids. 

Let us have a look at some of the beautiful beaches in Katakolon.

Plakes Beach

The Plakes Beach (also commonly known as Reneta Beach) is the nearest beach to Katakolon Port and is found only a short walking distance away – approximately 200 meters. It is a small pebbly beach with nice crystal clear waters which never seem to have jellyfish, and a quiet beach bar with palm-like umbrellas. Some of the amenities offered at the beach include changing rooms and shower. Plakes Beach is a good option if you are in Katakolon for a short visit

Agios Andreas

If you have more than a couple of hours to spare in Katakolon, the Agios Andreas Beach is an excellent beach to visit. It is encircled by extraordinary landscape and crystal clear waters. The beach is approximately 3 kilometers away from the port which is just a 5-minutes drive. The beach has a couple of cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach. It also has nice green grass where children can play.

Kourouta Beach

Situated 21 kilometers away from Katakolon Port, Kourouta Beach is only a 25-minutes drive from the port. Kourouta Beach is an immaculate sandy beach where visitors have sun chairs at their disposal. The beach also offers sun umbrellas, changing rooms and open showers. Individuals can relax, swim in the clear waters, and enjoy the magnificent Greek sunshine while having refreshing drinks. Kourouta Beach has many bars, cafes and restaurants. There are also beach parties which are frequently held on Sundays.

Other beaches bordering Katakolon Port

Skafidia Beach

The sandy unspoiled Skafidia Beach located 9 kilometers away from the port, the semi-organized Leventochori Beach located 6 kilometers away from Katakolon,

Aldemar Beach

The fully organized Aldemar Beach that has fine sand and offers numerous amenities to visitors. This beach is located 9  km away from the port. 

Agios Ilias Beach

Another beach located 10 kilometers away from the port is the Agios Ilias Beach. This beach has a wooden bar offering cool beers and Greek-style snacks. 

Kaiafas Beach

The Kaiafas Beach, which is the furthest from Katakolon Port, is a long, sandy, non-organized beach located 40 kilometers away from the port. If you are a lover of virgin landscapes then you really have to visit Kaiafas Beach.