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Katakolon Taxi information

If you are a client cruiser at Katakolon Port, there are Katakolon taxis available to benefit visitors just like you. These taxis are perfect for enjoying the beautiful attractions at Katakolon and they are available at your disposal for a few hours at some fee.

The first thing you should know is that there are numerous taxis in Katakolon Port and there is no need to worry that you will not find a one once you arrive at the port. They are normally parked at the port waiting to offer transportation services to the new arrivals.

Katakolon Taxi fares and Trip to Ancient Olympia

Once you arrive in Katakolon Port you can easily access the taxi station and enquire from the drivers how much it will cost you to travel to Olympia and back.

– The average cost of a taxi from Katakolon Port to Ancient Olympia, while you visit the Ancient Olympia Museum, the archaeological sites, the city of Olympia, and the beach, is about 80 Euros for a 4 hour trip. The waiting fee is also included in this price.

– Official Fares

Trip from Katakolon Port to Ancient Olympia  (include: Ancient Olympia Museum, the archaeological sites and the city of Olympia)

– Cost about 42.5 euro ( taximeter price – distance 32.9km)

Trip from Ancient Olympia to Katakolon Port

– Cost about 21.3 euro ( taximeter price – distance 32.9km) (only for aller-retour trips)

Waiting time at the spots px Ancient Olympia Museum, the archaeological sites and the city of Olympia.

–  Waiting Fare is 10,46 euro per hour.

Tip: If you change Taxi driver in Ancient Olympia the cost will be 43 euros x 2 but you don’t have to pay for waiting time.

Source: The Official Taxi Station of Katakolon/Ancient Olympia

Notice:  fuel and all taxes are included in the price, prices are quoted per vehicle (Katakolon taxis have four seats). If you have any problem you can call the Port Authorities in Katakolon: tel: +30 26210 41206 and the tourist Police in Ancient Olympia. tel: +30 26240 22550.

Always at the end of your trip request your receipt from the driver, according to the Greek legislation, upon your request, taxi drivers have to provide you with an official receipt for the amount paid for transportation services. The receipt should also indicate the taxi registration number, the license plate and the driver’s name.  If the driver finds an excuse to not give you one or wants to give you a hand written one, don’t accept it, there is a good chance you are dealing with a scammer.

As a visitor you should be aware of all these tricks so that you do not have to spend more money than you need to. You are in Greece, enjoy your time here and pay what the Greeks pay for the same service.


Client cruisers should however be aware of some Katakolon taxi drivers who try to pose as tour guides. Greek laws do not allow taxi drivers to guide visitors inside the archaeological sites and museums as the taxi drivers are not licensed guides.

– Taxi rates in Greece are based per trip, not per person.

– Katakolon taxis should only charge you for offering the transportation service and waiting for you at the tourist spots.

– Some taxi drivers suggest to include a visit to some local villages (and wineries as tourist attractions, the only reason about this suggestion is to inflate the prices.

– Others get into forums where they post fake recommendations for their companies. Never fall for any of this trickery.

Do not book a taxi using the Katakolon taxi websites as taxi drivers do not create websites since they assured of a job at the port. The owners of these websites are normally from Athens and are just trying to get clients who they later sell to taxis in Katakolon so that they can get a commission. This means that the taxi will be overpriced as you will be the one paying this commission.